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Definitely not for the faint of heart

In Random stream of thought on March 26, 2010 at 3:27 pm

Today on the MAX, I heard a man ask a librarian about the state of the library…and her response both saddened and made me think. It took her no less than two seconds to respond: The state of the library is unstable and we need to come up with better ways to promote ourselves and our services.

In some ways, I agree with this librarian. We spend tons of money and expend lots of energy making sure that the services that we provide are of quality to our customers. We look at circulation rates and decide what to improve and toss based on this data. But are we spending enough time promoting what we have so that patrons can know how truly vital we are to our communities?

Social Media has made it easier than ever to promote ourselves to a much larger community and demographic of people. The Chattahoochee Valley Regional System does comprehensive marketing on facebook and twitter alone to ensure that we have a very visible presence with our patrons. In some ways this is invaluable, but it does not take from the fact that we still need to hit the ground running with face to face interactions with people. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve asked strangers if they had library cards, only to be responded with “why do I need one? I don’t read books.”

Its this fallacy of thinking that we need to change within our community. We are no longer the quiet, shushing centers of old. We are city and community centers with services as varied as the people who work in them. Maybe we should start promoting our selves by trying harder to use more personal marketing, as well as the other web 2.0 tools that we have at our disposal. Just saying 😀



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I’m back from a self imposed blogging hiatus!! Ok, Im guessing that no one really cares, seeing as Im probably the only one that reads my blog posts. ANYHOO….

Today I’m in a weird state of mind. While cleaning the floor, I came across a box of canned Tuna and crackers and it got me to thinking. Why the heck would someone come to the library and eat something so stinky and foul WHILE reading Library materials?? I mean, come on, doesnt thought of tuna juice and cracker crumbs wedged between the pages of your reading book at least give you some type of pause? Or are you not thinking that far in advance to realize that what your doing is not only completely gross, but incredibly WRONG!

I posted a pic of the offending can of tuna on my facebook and, not ten minutes into my post being up for public display, a coworker responds to tell me that he caught someone eating a WHOLE SPAGHETTI DINNER (complete with salad and breadsticks, mind you) in one of the study rooms. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

Needless to say that I’m a little put out by the fact that people still view Libraries as coffee shops, though on a grander scale. I mean really, what does that make the people who work in the library to you? I shudder at the response to that question….

Sidenote: Weeks ago I caught a woman throwing a bag of sardines and crackers into the Reference desk trashcan. WTH would you think that that was ok? Hmmm…some people.


In Random stream of thought on July 3, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Everyone says that change is a good thing and, dont get me wrong, it can be. No one loves to see growth as much as I do.
That being said, the changes that I see in public libraries are astounding and I’m excited. BUT, I am also very wary. Day in and day out, I have conversations with librarians who are of different ages and come from different backgrounds. Their take on the growth on libraries is as different as night and day.
Take for instance, the issue of phasing out the Dewey decimal system. For me, this seems like a good idea, to some extent. As far as adult services and literature is concerned, organizing material based on Dewey is not only extremely efficient, but also uber practical. There are so many categories and sub categories that without the DEW, nothing would be able to be found. My view on using the DEW in children’s is the complete opposite though.
After working in Children’s off and on for a number of years, I’ve realized that Dewey is not practical or efficient for this department. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to sub in children’s and was amazed at how difficult it is to keep items and materials in order. Organizing the Non-fiction section, for example, almost makes you want to pull Dewey from the grave and drop kick him. Did he ever realize the extent of the chaos that is children’s??
I highly believe that Children’s should be made into a bookstore layout. Meaning that instead of having spine labels, Children’s should utilize shelf labels instead. If the goal is for a patron to find what they need, in a limited amount of time, than this layout is equal to the DEW in its efficiency. Believe me, children wont notice the difference. Many of them go off off what the cover of the book looks like anyway. I mean, isnt that one of the reasons why they just happen to be so d*&# colorful?
I believe that by implementing this, it will save both time and stress. But hey…what do I know?

When keeping it real goes wrong…

In Random stream of thought, Total craziness! on June 18, 2009 at 10:54 pm

I feel like such a hypocrite for posting this one, but it so had to be done! Just because you can tweet/myspace/facebook/social network, doesnt mean you should…dummies!

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Woke up this morning and realized that I haven’t really done anything interesting lately. I mean, I spend 80% of my time talking on the phone or emailing, but I haven’t really taken the initiative to do anything very exciting. SO, in honor, of my newfound realization, Im going to make a better effort to work on my TODO list. Effective immediately.

Anyone up for a trip to go paintballing?

Dang, really need to start reading SOMETHING….