Smells fishy to me…

In Total craziness! on August 15, 2009 at 4:37 pm


So I was reading the news today and stumbled across an article on Library Journal. Can someone shed light on why a library system would decide to close a newly constructed branch library?

This is officially going to become a rant in the following sentences. Gwinnett County library board, how can you justify closing a three year old branch library WITHOUT warning the people who frequent your libraries of the changes first? Maybe Im getting my facts mixed up, but wasnt it also decided a few weeks ago that you will be closed on Sundays and Mondays because of a decrease in budget?

Excuse my naivete, but I don’t get the rational behind NOT being open on two of the BUSIEST library days. Actually, I hope its working out for you ’cause I’m seriously doubting that this is the best solution. And, in response to you guys deciding to close a new library branch, I extend an additional kudos to you for that wonderful idea (yes, that was sarcasm). I just hope that your patrons and customers woud be as excited as I would that you would spend millions of dollars to build a beautiful, massive building that will now be used as a sort of holding facility.

This is the sort of thing that happens whe a library board doesnt take the time to truly understand the community by which it serves and only makes decision based on monetary figures and politics.


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