I’m an addict

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Let’s take a look and answer a few tell-tale signs that indicate you are more than likely addicted to social media.

1.You update your facebook whenever you leave the computer, whether you are gone for a minute to get some coffee, or leaving the office for the day.2.You spend more time conversing with your online friends than you do with your own family.
3.The pictures you take are not for “memories” but rather updating your social networking profiles.
4.When you hear a joke in person, you say “lol” instead of actually laughing out loud.
5.Your social media friend accounts significantly out number your real life friends.
6.You can type faster than you can talk.
7.Social networks are your main point of contact with your friends.
8.You hear direct message “pings” in your head when you are away from the computer.
9.You bought a new cell phone specifically to be more efficient in operating your daily social networking activities when away from your computer.
10.You constantly putting a “@” symbol in front of someone’s name, whether in an email, on a forum, or even writing by hand.
11.You go through withdrawals when you can’t access your favorite social media site as a result of a server down, blocked at work, or no wi-fi connection available.
12.When you meet someone new, you give them a link to your twitter account instead of your phone number/email address.
13.When asked how much time you spend on social media sites each day, you take the actual time spent and divide it by 3…so if you spend 6 hours on it, you tell others it was only 2.
14.You skip a meal in order to spend more uninterrupted time on your favorite social network.
15.For news information you use sites such as,, or twitter search opposed to CNN, foxnews, or the WSJ.
16.You “tweet” while driving.
17.It feels good to be part of something “viral” and to help spread it.
18.You have attended a “tweetup”.
19.While attending the above mentioned “tweetup” you “tweeted” the event to others.
20.If you meet someone in person, you commonly refer to them by their online handle instead of their real name.
21.You don’t view the “fail whale” as a sign to step away from the computer, but instead an opportunity to jump over to another social media site for the time being.
22.You are reading this blog post and nodding your head in agreement.
23.After nodding your head, you decide you are indeed addicted to social media and tweet this post!


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