Censorship in public schools

In Influencing the children on June 20, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Whatever happened to the idea that books are meant to enhance the learning experience of students, rather than censor the process of free thought? I mean, Im getting so furious lately with all the stories coming out in the news regarding bans on certain books/authors being used in public schools. Have we magically transported back to the fifties and sixties where every girl was assumed to be a virgin and sex was something that only animals had?

The Nashua Telegraph recently published an article about a school that has banned an English curriculum that has “content that touched on cannibalism, cocaine use, abortion and homosexuality.” I mean, really? With all the crap on television nowadays, and all the FREE stuff that can be accessed on Youtube and Myspace, parents are in an uproar over this? I can see the PC Police are hard at work here, trying to make our world more paranoid…one delusional parent at a time.

Nashua Telegraph


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